Shoe Deodorizer Spray Foot Spray Odor Eliminator

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Shoe Deodorizer Spray Foot Spray Odor Eliminator for Shoe and Sneaker Car Gym Bag Boxing Glove Deodorizer Odor Eaters for Shoes Spray for Stinky Feet Smell Odor 

About the product

  • REFRESHING SHOE FOOT ODOR EATER natural essential oil spray is eliminating bad odors in shoes feet. Deodorizer with purifying essential oils will change shoe wearing experience
  • NATURAL ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Unique mixture including peppermint tea tree eucalyptus for cooling effect shoe foot
  • USAGE Odor absorption in the shoe foot sneaker gym bag boxing gloves boot car. Spray the deodorant refreshing aromatic smell will remove shoe odor in a second
  • HAPPY SHOES FOOT Common easy usage in comparison to foot powder sneaker balls charcoal odor fresheners. Shoe smell absorption gets activated in seconds after spraying